What do you want out of your college experience?

It's a question you probably ask yourself from time to time.


  • Maybe you want to stand out in the crowd.

  • Or, perhaps you just want to get the most out of that college experience.

  • Better yet, maybe you're interested in building bonds that last a life time.

  • How about being a part of an organization that will enhance your leadership skills?

Theta Xi Fraternity is ASU's premier values based leadership fraternity. We're looking for men of honor and commitment that want to get the most out of their college experience. Theta Xi is a fraternity committed to brotherhood, lasting relationships, and successful endeavors. Our values will help you to stand out in the crowd with a distinct focus on academics, community service, and leadership. It's what employers want, and it's what we've got. Come join us in our quest to become the future leaders of this country by clicking here to apply now!

Still not sure about it? Let's see if we can change that. Check out a list of frequently asked questions below. Our recruitment chairman is here to answer your questions too; get in touch with him below.

Our Recruitment Chairman
Wyatt Folley

In order to make the recruitment process a more personal and welcoming experience for you, the potential Theta Xi new member, please take a moment to meet the brother that we have trusted to aid you in rush/ease your transition to Greek Life at ASU. Feel free to contact our recruitment chairman.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Rush?

Put simply, rush is the process by which Greek organizations recruit new members. Formal Rush usually takes place during one week each Fall and Spring, when a number of different recruitment activities are planned around a fixed schedule. Theta Xi also holds Continuous Rush, which just means that we are always looking for outstanding gentlemen to join our chapter, at any time during the year.


Rush is a trial period that does not constitute any commitment between the fraternity and the rushee.  When you rush, you might meet a few new friends, you might meet your lifelong Brothers, or you might simply enjoy some good food and conversation with acquaintances you'll never see again, but the experience is unquestionably unique and enjoyable for all involved.  Whether you enter college intending to rush, whether you are just now learning what rushing entails, or whether you stand resolutely opposed to all things for which you believe fraternities stand, there is nothing to lose by seeing what rush is all about, and in all likelihood you will be pleasantly surprised. 


  • What happens when I join a Fraternity? Is it like in the movies?

"Animal House" and more recently, "Old School" were very funny movies, but they were extremely bad for the image of fraternities. Furthermore, some inferior fraternities have actually tried to live up to the poor image that these movies promoted, in the hope that this will attract college students to join. Theta Xi is not one of these fraternities, and we are actively working to restore the reputation of college fraternities among members of the public.

When you join Theta Xi, you will never be hazed, mistreated, embarrassed, forced to consume alcohol, perform meaningless tasks, or in any other way be treated as anything less than a Friend and Brother. We will never ask you to do anything unless we are doing the same thing, right there beside you.


  • Will dues money be spent on alcohol?

No. Our operating budget is carefully prepared each year to provide the most amount of money possible toward events and philanthropies. 


  • What are the Theta Xi’s like as individuals?

Unique. The brothers come in about equal proportions from the fields of Engineering, Business, and the Arts and Sciences. Outside of the classroom, each of our members shares his strengths and talents with the brotherhood and in turn benefits from the opportunity to learn from the expert knowledge of each of his brothers.  Regardless of what you want to do, there is a good chance someone here knows how to do it.


  • Aren't I "buying" my friends by joining a fraternity?

You have probably heard that by joining a fraternity, you are simply buying your friends. But how does that differ from going to college, paying your tuition and housing, and becoming friends with the guys on your residence hall or apartment floor? A residence hall/apartment assignment gives you little choice in the matter. Wouldn’t you rather make your own decision?

Fraternities give you the ability to surround yourself with like-minded men who are driving towards similar goals. By joining Theta Xi at ASU, we will help you grow, mature, and ultimately have a more well-rounded college experience! 


  • What about scholarship and academics?

Doing well academically should be the primary goal of everyone in school, and we stress that fact. On the ASU campus, a Theta Xi is more likely to have better grades than someone who is not a Theta Xi. We also maintain a chapter GPA that is one of the best in the Fraternity system. Each semester, awards are given to the men of our chapter with the highest and most improved GPAs. At no time does the Associate Member period take precedence over academics; busy schedules are accommodated. Additionally, the Theta Xi Foundation offers a range of scholarships to the most outstanding undergraduate members at ASU and throughout the country.


  • Do you have requirements to join?

Yes, we have several requirements:


  • GPA: Prospective members must have a high school or college GPA of 2.75 or greater to be considered for membership.

  • Leadership: You must have demonstrated evidence of your leadership abilities. This can be in the form of an Eagle Scout rank, community service, National Honor Society, sports clubs, or anything else that you feel can demonstrate your ability to become one of the future leaders of our fraternity.


  • What kind of commitment are we talking about?

Like anything else worth doing, you only get out what you put in. Men that aren't willing to take responsibility for themselves as well as others will not be asked to join Theta Xi. During the Associate Member period, the formal time commitment is no more than three hours a week; however, we expect that anyone interested in becoming a part of Theta Xi would demonstrate his interest by coming to our events or dropping by the chapter house to study, eat, or socialize with us. Furthermore, the financial viability of the chapter depends on every man fulfilling his one-year pledge to live in the chapter house (unless an exemption is granted by the Executive Board). Unlike most rental agreements, this lease is made with ASU, not an off-campus landlord. This means our rates are competitive with the local housing market, and the lease is flexible; there is no requirement to live in over the summer. It includes amenities such as wireless internet, free laundry, a comprehensive meal program, and convenient access to the Tempe campus.


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