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Why Theta Xi?

Our Mission is to work to expand opportunities in the pursuit of creating successful young men in our communities. 

As a brother of Theta Xi Fraternity, you are surrounded by a community of dedicated young men who endeavor to hold you accountable and challenge you to become a better man.

The simplest way to learn about what Theta Xi is and why it is a meaningful college experience is to of course hear it from the Brothers themselves. “I love Theta Xi” is a common phrase to hear around our house, so we asked the Brothers to put into words the reasons they love this fraternity.

"I love Theta Xi because they’re my home away from home. Coming from somewhere far away from ASU, I wanted to be a part of a close fraternity and Theta Xi has provided that for me. I’ve created some lifelong friends I can count on to help me through college and beyond."

- Theo Adams, Class of 2023

"I love Theta Xi because I love the people here and how positive they are. I didn't really want to rush at first but it ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made. Theta Xi has not only helped me become a better person but it has also provided me with lifelong friendships that I will never forget"

- Kavaari Horns-Nellem, Class of 2024

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